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Waterfalls Mericao or San Sebastian

Discounts available for large group

$45 per person to San Sebastian

$55 per person to Maricao

If you are interested in exploring the island beyond Rincon, these waterfall tours are an awesome way to see the interior!  The San Sebastian Waterfalls are about a 45 minute drive from Rincon. No experience hiking required, these waterfalls are very accessible, only about a 5 minute walk from where we park to the first waterfall!  With multiple cliff jumps, and a rope swing San Sebastian is a fun experience for all ages! If your group is a bit more adventurous the Mericao waterfalls are perfect for you! A bit of a farther drive about an hour and a half, and another 30 minute hike through the mountains and up the river to the first waterfall.  These waterfalls are a pristine, well-kept secret! With multiple cliff jumps and a strenuous scramble up to the second waterfall this tour will excite those adventure seekers in your group! Transportation is not included to the waterfalls, but can be provided at additional cost.


Bioluminescent Bay Parguera

$75 per person (Minimum 4 people)

Our most popular eco tour, La Parguera is a little over an hour drive south to the Protected Mangrove islands on the coast.  We take a 20 minute boat ride out to the ‘big’ bay where we jump into the dark water, and watch the magic happen. This Bay has a high concentration of Microscopic organisms known as dinoflagellates which sparkle and create a spectacular light show when disturbed.  This phenomenon is more impressive on darker, moonless nights, but can be experienced year round! 

If you do not meet the minimum of 4 people requirement please reach out to us as we can combine smaller groups.   Transportation is not included to La Parguera, but can be provided at additional cost.  option to meet in Rincon around sunset and follow guide down, or meet in La Parguera 1.5 hr after sunset.


Full Day Parguera Snorkel and Biobay

Private Boat tour up to 8 people $900 

Larger boats available upon request to accommodate larger group.

For those looking for a full day adventure, this tour is for you!  Spend a full day on south coast in the small fishing town of La Parguera, where we take a private boat to multiple diverse snorkel locations.  After snorkeling the outer reef and exploring the mangroves by water, we take the boat to a mangrove island where we enjoy a traditional dinner, while the sun sets. Once its dark we head over to the ‘big’ bay, where we jump in the water again for the once in a lifetime experience of swimming in glowing water!  This is a full day adventure, so only recommended for those ready to spend all day on, in or near the water! 

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